BitBay: Redefining Free Trade.
Bitbay is a working real-world cr
yptocurrency powering a fully-functional decentralized marketplace that allows you to buy and sell goods and services easily, securely, and anonymously. The protocol also has a revolutionary dynamic rolling peg that controls liquidity and allows for price stability and growth. Most importantly, the marketplace uses a double-deposit escrow system, meaning that no one can profit from dishonest behaviors – all contracts must be fulfilled as written. This means no unjust arbiters or middle men. Use the platform to send payments to friends via email, barter, trade cash for coins, form joint accounts, vote and much more. The software is also completely FREE to use.

BitBay is already able to do much more than most cryptocurrencies – we encourage you to download the Bit Bay client to explore all its capabilities, or check out our “wall of features“. The BitBay team is working hard to ensure that BitBay is not only a viable marketplace, but an indispensable one – below are some of the features we’re most proud of, as well as some that we plan to release soon.

The BitBay platform was released in 2015 and is the most technologically advanced and secure wallet in existence in a world where most alt-coins are simply clones or ideas in a whitepaper.

The BitBay Marketplace Client software has a full user interface that is packed with features exhaustively tested over the years.

Feature Highlights:

Unbreakable contracts P2P means no blockchain bloat
Decentralized Anonymous Markets P2P, serverless and potentially stronger than Tor
Multisignature wallets with dual passwords that can be hidden inside images using steganography
User-friendly Templates making new contracts easy to setup
Fully integrated offer and counter-offer negotiation system
Tor and proxy options
Translates to 90 languages
Anti-keylogger defence system

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