Website: Official website cryptocurrency Eternity

Ticker Code: ENT
Name: Eternity
Type: PoW/PoS
Premine: No Premine
Hash Algorithm: X11 (11 rounds research hash functions)
The formula rewards for block: 2222222/(((Difficulty + 2600)/9)^2)
Generation block: every 2.5 minutes
Confirmations of transactions using InstantX: ~ 5 seconds
Difficulty Correction: every block, algorithm Dark Gravity Wave
The annual decrease in the number of produced coins: -7%
Estimated number of coins Eternity: 60,000,000
Decentralized network: EternityNodes
Advanced system anonymization transactions: Spysend
Reward model:
miners - 45%
EternityNode holders - 45%
development of the project - 10%