ETH Gas Station | Consumer oriented metrics for the Ethereum gas market

ETH Gas Station aims to increase the transparency of gas prices, transaction confirmation times, and miner policies on the Ethereum network. The long term success of Ethereum depends on a healthy and efficient market for the price of gas. We hope this site will help people get the best gas price.

The information on this site is gathered from a single Ethereum node located in the US. Therefore, the numbers may not always be accurate or match the experience of all users globally.

We run simple scripts that monitor a standard Ethereum node (geth or parity). The scripts record when a transaction is broadcast to the node as a pending transaction and when the transaction is later mined. These times as well as other standard information about the transaction are recorded in a database. Automated queries are then run every 100 blocks to update this webpage based on the information from the past 10,000 blocks (about 2 days). The speedometer is updated every 5 seconds and reflects the percent gas used of the block gas limit from the prior 10 blocks.