Welcome to iQuant (IQT) Chain Coin Hunting Campaign

iQuantChain will launch its ICO from 25th September 2017 20:00pm to 25th November 2017 20:00 pm on its website*Iquant Chain - Home.
We invite you to take part in our bounty campaign:*
Free register on our website and split 1,000,000 IQT together
Free IQT giveaway if you invite your friends
Invitation Ranking
You will get the token of IQuant Chain(IQT) for free by participating in any campaign.

Detailed Information about the Campaign

1. Free registration and split 1,000,000 IQT togetherIquant Chain - Home
When ICO starts, all people who have registered on our website successfully will split our 1,000,000 IQT reward together. Your reward will be sent to your wallet after our ICO.

2. Free IQT giveaway if you invite your friendsIquant Chain - Home
All the people who registered in our website will get an Invite Link. You can copy and send it to your friends. If they register successfully through your link, you will get 2 IQT for free.

3. Invitation RankingIquant Chain - Home
We will have a ranking list of all registers according to the number of friends you invite successfully, and give rewards for free to the top 20.
No.1 *100 IQT for Free
No.2 *70 IQT for Free
No.3 *50 IQT for Free
No.4—No.20 20 IQT for Free

4. Coin Hunting Campaign

By following ways of share the contents of this post and providing the links to our Telegram customer support account, you can get free IQT once we confirm it, and you do anything you want for the rewarded IQT, even sale it on exchanges.
Last campaign started from 14th September to 22th September. Then new campaign will start from 23th September to 29th September. We will check your bounty at the end of the campaign.
Our Telegram customer account is IQT_group.*

a.Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Telegram group or channel, which has more than 100 fans can participate in the campaign, and the account couldn’t have negative evaluation;*
b.Share at least once a day;
c.You can only have one account in every social software, other accounts are invalid;
d.Copy this article on Twitter or Facebook or both, or you can repost or retweet the article on Facebook account or Twitter account;
e.Join the IQT Telegram group, post links of posting or reposting, follower screenshot, universal Ethereum Wallet address to our customer supporter @IQT_group (daily or weekly), she will check your bounty at the end of the campaign.
f.If you have other channels to share and promote, we welcome! Please contact our customer supporter in Telegram. We will also give you the bounty according to your followers.

Account which has 100-500 Followers: reward free 2 IQT per day.
Account which has 501-1000 Followers: reward free 5 IQT per day.
Account which has 1001-2000 Followers: reward free 10 IQT per day.*
Account which has 2001-3000 Followers: reward free 15 IQT per day.
Account which has 3001-4000 Followers: reward free 20 IQT per day.
Account which has 4001-5000 Followers: reward free 25 IQT per day.
Account which has 5001-8000 Followers: reward free 30 IQT per day.
Account which has 8001-10000 Followers: reward free 40 IQT per day.
Account which has 10001-15000 Followers: reward free 50 IQT per day.
Account which has more than 15000 Followers: reward free 60 IQT per day.

If you share for 7 continuous day without deletion, you will be rewarded with an additional free 50 IQT.

The main difference between us and other bounty activities is that the IQT has been listed on the exchange and can trade.

Cryptopia - Exchange




iQuant(IQT) Chain Mission and Vision
iQuant(IQT)Chain is currently the only successfully landed project in which world top-class quantitative platform applied in block chain fields. Meanwhile it is the first to realize one-stop intelligent automatic trading of global actual financial assets and digital currency by integrating block chain and smart contract technology with innovated application of artificial intelligence. iQuantChain will be used to establish a decentralized, safe, convenient, intelligent and globalized quantitative trading platform which seamlessly connects global digital assets with actual financial business. For example, the actual financial assets represented by stocks, futures, share option and foreign exchange and the global digital currency represented by BTC and ETH will be put together, the first time in the world, for trading on one integrated platform by iQuantChain. 5iquant will provide comprehensive, intelligent, simplified and one-stop quantitative automatic trading service for ordinary investors as well as professional investors around the world, thus jointly promoting new financial development for global block chain. *

More changes will be added in the future.
Of course, we will continue to develop to be listed on more exchanges.Stay turned.

For more information, please go to our official website.*Iquant Chain - Home

Telegram customer account IQT_group
Telegram Group invite link https://t.me/joinchat/Gb_-Vgv8qJWw_ZNdh9nMZA
Telegram Channel link https://t.me/iQuantChain

Facebook Iqt Chain https://www.facebook.com/iqt.chain
Facebook Page iQuantChain

Twitter iQuantChain https://twitter.com/iQuantChain

Slack https://iqt-group.slack.com

Github IquantChain https://github.com/IquantChain

Reddit IQTChain https://www.reddit.com/user/IQTChain

Medium IQT_Chain https://medium.com @<a href="https:/...>IQT</a>_Chain