Crypto-One-Stop-Solution (COSS) platform and its functionalities,
approaching the subject of online payment technologies and the position of cryptocurrencies in this
developing market. With over 800 altcoins on the market, there is hardly a single cryptocurrency which
does not suffer from usability or user adoption issues.

Imperfections in the technical setting of these digital coins result in the loss of potential customers
and merchants and low transaction volumes, affecting the market price of the coin accordingly.
Furthermore, the path from creating a digital wallet to making actual payments in cryptocurrencies is
very inconvenient and cumbersome, requiring a beginner to spend a lot of time and effort making
his/her way in the cryptocurrency world.

When addressed mindfully, the problem of poor user adoption of cryptocurrencies can be resolved by
means of a one-stop solution approach realized through a platform, that was designed specifically to
inform and educate users about the variety of coins, helping them to make an informed choice, and
providing multiple possibilities to use digital currency, all in the same place. The concept of the
Crypto-One-Stop-Solution (COSS), together with its actual implementation and the technical specs are
outlined in this whitepaper

White paper: