What is localethereum.com?

Localethereum is a private peer-to-peer marketplace which allows you to trade ether for local currencies. Exchanges can be made via different methods such as online bank transfers and face-to-face cash trades.
Are there any fees?

Localethereum charges a 0.25% fee for the maker (the person who placed the offer listing) and 0.75% for the taker (the person responding to the offer). The reason for the significant discount on makers is because we want to encourage people to place advertisements.
What are those weird-looking circle icons?

We call these “identity icons”. When sending ether to a specific address, you can use them to ensure that you have copied the address correctly. The smallest difference in a typed address will result in a completely different identity icon. These are also compatible with the identity icons used in the Mist browser and on web tools such as etherscan.

localethereum — Ether's local private marketplace