Hello Forum! It seems I have a serious problem because I cannot login to my account and my help request hasn't been answered by Bittrex yet. Can anyone offer any insight to my quandary? My Bittrex account is associated with a cell phone number that I used to have, but discarded because the account for the cell phone was hacked. I switched cell phone companies and bought a new phone with new number. Now, when I try to login to my Bittrex account, the Google authenticator code never works. The error message displayed on Bittrex says to sync the time on my phone, but I've already done that and it still doesn't work. Therefore, I have to assume that the real problem is that I have a new phone number and new phone. I hate to assume, though! Am I right in thinking the authenticator doesn't work on Bittrex because my phone number changed? If so, does anyone know how to login to the account in another way so that I can change my phone number? Or, am I just stuck waiting for an email response to my help request with Bittrex???? This is so frustrating. I do have my Secret Key, though. Does anyone know if I can use that instead of using my phone's authenticator? Your help is appreciated!!!