BitBay was created in 2014 in Katowice., Our goal was to create a platform that was not available in the Polish market - a professional and intuitive trading platform for buying and selling Bitcoins and Litecoins. BitBay CEO - Sylwester Suszek, who has a lot of experience in the finance world, still runes the business. He has previously co-created two large companies from a financial sector, and later, along with his partners, build a strong Bitcoin exchange.

The second version of our platform was launched in 2015. The exchange system has been improved to be more user-friendly, as well as first professional trading tools have emerged. We added new cryptocurrencies such as Etherum or Lisk. At that time our team expanded from 14 to 31 employees. At the same time, we are planning international expansion and we open a second office in Amsterdam.

At the beginning of 2016, we started to work on BitBay 3.0 version of the platform. Our team has extended to 70 people at that time. In the meantime, new products such as BitcoinCantor and bitcoin payments appeared