Extra Aidrop
Hi everyone.

An extra airdrop will be made next week same time, 16:10 +2 GMT.
Wednesday as usual.

1000 slots, 5 coins each.


Development Update.



In mid december of 2017, a new feature will be added to ALTCOM.

We have seen a bit of interest in this specific feature and the team can see the idea of having it in as it will help us secure our network even better.

From the 15th of December, ALTCOM will be running with Masternodes as well.

More details about this feature will come within the next 2 weeks.


Thread has been updated. 14/10/2017.


243 ALTCOM has been sold to Normanski User Link: View the profile of normanski
For 0.00027 BTC per coin.
This trade was made because our current exchange does not support LTC.
The LTC will be sold on Bittrex for BTC which will be in a dev fund wallet.

You will be able to find the BTC here: 1u8KUMAFW8RFegXa7yj3BtJCMjt3HDWrv

We will NOT sell any more coins from the development funds now, so we urge you not to request this.
Please use the exchange or ask other members of the community to trade with you instead.
I would be happy to stand in as a middleman, but no more coins will be removed from the development funds.

Distribution wallet is for the community.
Development fund is for funding servers, salaries for freelance developers and so on.

The BTC that has been received in this trade will go to the new projects that will be announced in the coming week.